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Committed to bringing the best in healthcare quality and value to PepsiCo employees and their families.

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October 15th - November 9th, 2018

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November 9th, 2018 - January 31, 2019

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by April 30th, 2019


TXCIN is committed to bringing the best in healthcare quality and value to PepsiCo employees and their families.  Local and independent, TXCIN neighborhood doctors are free to make decisions based on what’s best for the patient…not what’s best for a hospital system.

"with over 1100 primary and specialty care doctors across North Texas, you’re only minutes away from receiving care that is truly TXCIN."

From the time you call to make an appointment, through your office visit and beyond, with TXCIN you’ll receive a level of service that’s intended to make you feel like a “very important patient.” That includes preferential scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule, more time to get answers to your questions, and a doctor who understands PepsiCo’s medical plans and resources.

In addition, your physician and his or her care team will be fully connected to Health ACE, PepsiCo’s health advocacy partner.  Health ACE is there if you have questions about your medical plan, need help with claims issues, or just want to make better  health care decision.  Working together, your TXCIN physician and Health ACE can guide you to the right Healthy Living programs, save you money on prescriptions and connect you with high-quality, efficient specialists.

With your TXCIN primary care physician (PCP), you and your family will be able to build a long-term relationship, translating  into better health now and over the long haul.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out which primary care doctors are in the three physician groups, how close they are to my home and work, what their office hours are and so on?

Use the tools on myHR during annual enrollment. Call the Health ACE team at 1-877-224-0030. Or check the PCP practice websites ( You may also receive a call from your chosen physician group offering help with choosing your PCP.

How will the three physician groups know I’m a PepsiCo employee who has elected the Healthy Advantage Select or Core Plus Select option?

 Your 2019 medical ID card will feature a special indicator, which will also appear in the physician group’s computer system.

Do all family members need to use the same PCP within the selected group?  

No. You and your covered spouse/partner do not need to use the same PCP. Covered dependent children are not required to use a PCP in the group. Pediatricians and OB/GYN specialists do not need to be in the selected physician group.

What is the cost for services performed during the initial visit?  

If the initial visit is for preventive care, it will be 100% covered with no deductible. If it’s a visit for medical care, you will be responsible for the annual deductible (if applicable) and any coinsurance or copay. In either case, you and your covered spouse/partner will still be eligible to receive the $100 gift card.

What if I cover a dependent child who needs primary care and lives away outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area (for example, a child who is away at school)?

Dependent children are not required to use a PCP or pediatrician in the selected physician group.

Will my PCP know how much a prescription costs?

Yes. The PCPs will have access to a prescription drug pricing tool. This will help your physician prescribe the right drug that is not only effective but also more affordable.